Hell and Paradise are both Eternal

Hell is Eternal and will never cease to exist

Hell is eternal and will never cease to exist or come to an end, as At-Tahaawi says in his ‘Aqeedah: “Paradise and Hell are two created entities, they will never cease to exist or come to an end.”

Ibn Hazm mentions that the entire ummah is agreed on this matter. In Al-Milal wan-Nihal he says: “All groups in the ummah agree that Paradise and its pleasures will never pass away, and neither will Hell and its torments. (The only one who disagrees is) Al-Jahm ibn Safwan.”

In his book Maraatib al-Ijmaa’, Ibn Hazm says : “Hell is real; it is the abode of punishment that does not pass away; its inhabitants will remain in it and never die.”

The texts that indicate the eternal nature of Hell are many […]. It is sufficient to know that Allah, the Exalted, has called Hell Daar al-Khuld (“the abode of eternity.”)

This is the opinion of Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah, that Hell is eternal and will never pass away, that its inhabitants will remain therein forever. No one will come out of Hell except the sinners from among the believers in the Oneness of God – the monotheists; the disbelievers – kuffar – and the polytheists – mushrikeen – will abide there forever.

[In this same chapter, ‘Umar Al-Ashqar goes on to discuss 7 groups that do not believe Hell is eternal. I have no posted that section up. Similarly, the same discussion takes place about Paradise, but I have left those parts out.]

Paradise is Eternal and its People will Abide therein Forever

Paradise is eternal and will never pass away or cease to exist. Its inhabitants will abide therein forever, never leaving it and never dying:

“They will never taste death therein except the first death [of this world], and He will save them from the torment of the blazing fire.” (44:56)

“Verily! Those who believe and do righteous deeds shall have the Gardens of Al-Firdaus [Paradise] for their entertainment, wherein they shall dwell [forever]. No desire will they have for removal therefrom.” (18:107-8)

[In a hadith mentioned earlier in the book, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam] tells of how death will be slaughtered in a place between Paradise and hell, then it will be said to the people of Paradise and Hell: “O’ people of Paradise, it is eternal, there is no death; O’ people of Hell, it is eternal, there is no death.”

What these texts indicate is that Paradise has been created in such a way that neither it nor its inhabitants will ever perish. Abu Hurayrah (radiyallahu ‘anha) reported that the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:

“Whoever enters Paradise is blessed with a life of joy; he will never feel miserable, his clothes will never wear out and his youth will never fade away.”

[Muslim, #2836]

Listen to the divine call that will be addressed to the people of Paradise after they enter:

“I grant for you that you will be healthy and never fall sick; you will live and never die; you will be young and never grow old; you will be joyful and never feel miserable.”

Similarly, Allah subhana wa ta’aala says in the Qur’aan:

“…And they shall hear the cry: ‘Behold the Garden before you! You have been made its inheritors, for your deeds [of righteousness].'” (7:43)

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