Bismillah. I took the “History of the Khulafaa'” class with AlMaghrib a looong time ago. That was my very first AlMaghrib class, and the BEST. My imaan got a major boost and my love for the companions grew. Their stories are awesome mashaAllah. And if you know how they lived and the things they had to endure, your love for them grows. Before that class, I felt like I had no clue who they were. 

Anyways, so I was reviewing me notes for an upcoming halaqa and decided to compile my own short notes on some of the companions. I’m posting a very shortened version of what I have….But inshaAllah it’s still enjoyable.

My primary source is The History of Islaam series by Akbar Shah Najeebabadi. (mashaAllah, awesome series. I would definitely recommend buying). If the information I give/quote is not from there, I specifically mention so.

Here are my other sources:

And who better to start with than Abu Bakr radiyallahu ‘anhu? 

– Umm Ibraheem

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