10 Things Nobody Told Me About the Second Pregnancy

You would think, “I’ve been there, done that”, and not expect many surprises with the second pregnancy. Actually, my second hasn’t been very different from my first, even though the gender of the baby is different.

There have been some differences, however, some of which I wish someone had warned me off…

  1. It would fly by much faster than the first because I would busy with the first baby, BUT the last few weeks would be just as difficult to get through.
  2. I would feel guilty about not doing the same research and reading up as I did with the first one.
  3. The pains would start MUCH sooner – the leg cramps, etc. And some pains which I had not even been introduced to during the first pregnancy….
  4. I would actually feel braxton hicks contractions this time – and they would feel like actual labor contractions (well, except there’s no pain in the back – just in the front).
  5. Fetal movements, and especially stretching/kicking would actually hurt this time around.
  6. I would already have things for the baby, so much so that I would look for a new thing or two to buy so I could reassure myself that the lack of shopping had nothing to do with lack of enthusiasm, just the simple fact that this was a consequent baby.
  7. I would be just as nervous about labor. So what if I did it once already all-natural and without meds? I actually think it’s MORE pressure because everyone (and by “everyone” I mean family) seems so sure that this one will go just as smoothly.
  8. My biggest concern about labor would be who would be taking care of, diapering, and putting to sleep my other baby. (And in my case I actually have family close by…but I am very attached to my son.)
  9. Despite the informational sheets saying that I “should not lift anything above 20 lbs”, I would be lugging around my 27 lb toddler just as I much as I did before the pregnancy.
  10. I would enjoy this pregnancy just as much – if not more – than the last. And I say maybe more because you have a little baby to share it with. They do the cutest things – and I was surprised by how much my 21 month old understood (or seemed to!) about the baby.
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2 Responses to 10 Things Nobody Told Me About the Second Pregnancy

  1. Nicole says:

    I am experiencing a back to back pregnancy, so the experience is quite different. I was hoping to have a gap so I can enjoy the second pregnancy as much as the first one.

  2. ummibraheem says:

    aww yeah, i bet those are real hard 😦 hopefully you’ll get the hang of it 🙂

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