SunniPath: 2nd Live Session

[rant] So I was planning on putting up my notes from the first lesson + the first live session…. but man, I did not like the format.

I was told that the teacher would give top priority to questions asked on the forums, but we seemed to jump to live questions about 5 minutes in. I did not like this, because most of the questions people were asking were not related to lesson 1 at all. Some of them were related to lessons like two or three weeks (maybe more!) ahead. Or maybe I was missing something?

Anyways, and then halfway through, we lost electricity – which has never happened at our apartment before. Alhamdulillah though…I thought it was a blessing in disguise, because I was getting so frustrated during the session. I couldn’t keep up with the questions, and people just kept asking question after question….

Maybe that’s how things are done at SunniPath? I guess the live sessions are just Q&A’s….I was just expecting a more orderly Q&A.

[/rant] 😀

Alhamdulillah, I like listening to the pre-recorded lectures, so maybe I should just stick to listening to the “live session” later 🙂

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