What is the wisdom behind it?

questionI don’t know if it’s just the culture in America or what, but I find that we ask this question a lot. Whenever we find that we don’t agree with something, or even if we just don’t like it, we ask, “Well, what is the wisdom behind it?”

Think of it like this — Say someone is taking a biology class. They’re in lab, and the teacher is dividing the class into groups of three.

“Why groups of three?” one student asks. “Why not groups of two?”

“We’re an odd numbered class,” the teacher says.

“Oh.” The students’ eyes sweep over the class quickly. “Well, we could also do groups of five.”

“Split into groups of three,” the teacher repeats firmly. 

Before explaining how to dissect the frog, the teacher instructs everyone to wear gloves. A student raises their hand and asks, “Why do we have to wear gloves?” The teacher blinks at the student for a second, and you know she’s shocked by the stupidity of it, but she patiently explains, “For sanitary reasons.”

The teacher begins the dissection and instructs the class on where to make the incision. Once again, the student raises her hand and says, “Why not make the incision along the leg?” The teacher resplies somewhat sharply this time, “Because … all of the organs we want to look at are not contained within the leg.”

Even before the teacher can move on to the next step, our inquisitive student bursts out with – “But what is the wisdom behind dissecting the frog in the first place?”

And then … well, you get the point 😀

Allah is our Creator. He cannot in anyway be likened to a teacher. So if you found those string of questions somewhat insulting (to the teacher) and stupid, how wrong do you think it is of us to question Allah’s commandments for us to do something? Allah, Who created us. Allah, who knows everything. Allah, who is our God, and Whose worshipping is our only reason of existence.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t ask questions in the deen. Nope, not at all. When I was a teenageer, I questioned a lot of things. Alhamdulillah, I found the answers to all of them.

I just think that once we have asked our questions, and we believe in One God, and we believe that Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam was the Last Prophet, then it is stupid of us to question every little thing we don’t agree with.

Islam is submission. It does not mean ‘peace’ (I was so sick of hearing that in the media…) Islam is submission to Allah. The One God. How can we say we’ve submitted if we question every nit picky thing that does not conform to our desires?

Just a reminder, for myself first…and then to anyone else who cares to listen 🙂

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