Child Molestation in the Ummah

It happens. We all know it does. And it makes my blood boil that this issue is not addressed. Growing up, that was my worse fear – that someone close to me would have that happen to them. I’ve always been very strong willed (and I thank my father for that!), but I was always worried that it would happen to a timid sister that I knew.

babyandparentsAnd before the age of 10, it did. I now know several sisters who have been molested, sadly. And my younger sister told me that she knows many more. It really depresses me: WHY is this so rampant? Aside from the perverts who have no fear of Allah, I believe the mothers are at fault. If we don’t address the perversion, then who will?

Why do I think the mothers are at fault? For several reasons: 1) We do not accept that it is a major problem. 2) We do not address it and discuss these issues with our children. 3) We deny it.

What happens when a victim of child molestation confides in someone? Sadly, in all cases I have heard about child molestation, this is what I see: the stick-your-head-in-the-sand-and-maybe-it’ll-go-away attitude coming from the mother (or whoever the poor child confides in).

Four words: Get over your shyness. Shame on you for not being a good mother.

Allah gave us Islam and gave us honor. Do not choose culture over Islam – you will only humiliate yourself.

There is a serious problem if you cannot trust that your own daughter or son could come to you if they ever had trauma like that. Allah protect our kids.

Anyways, enough of my rant 😀 SubhaanAllah, I was planning on doing some research on it and writing about it, but Umm Reem did it for me. And she did a really good job of it, mashaAllah. I’m so glad to see it addressed. Please read all of the articles she wrote on it (there are like 6 parts…)

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