Eyebrow Plucking & the Muslimah

eyeshadowI was never much into make-up and the like when I was a teen, but even I had considered shaping my eyebrows at some point. I just thought that they looked neater that way. And thank God my mother stopped me from doing that. “Your eyebrows are fine,” she’d say. “Pluck them once and you’ll have to pluck them forever.”

Later on, I came across a hadith in the Sahih that says Allah curses three women: a woman who threads her eyebrows (the ahaadith I found actually say “the woman who plucks hair from her face”), a woman who tattoos herself and a woman who files her teeth for beauty (apparently they did that way back when…)

Alhamdulillah Allah blessed me with ok eyebrows! I never considered plucking them after I read that hadith. That is quite a strong punishment – to be cursed by Allah! We love Allah and should love what He loves and hate what He hates.

I realize some sisters have very heavy eyebrows and I feel bad for them as they are in a tough spot. Beauty today dictates that a woman have thinly plucked, gracefully arched eyebrows. But we should care whether Allah loves us or not more than if people find our appearance acceptable.

Know that if you leave something for Allah, you will get something better in return inshaAllah. I know a sister who has been amply blessed with hair 😀 SubhaanAllah, she did her eyebrows a few times (maybe once – I can’t remember). She left plucking them for Allah and mashaaAllah her eyebrows remained very nicely shaped!

Also – a few side notes. You are allowed to thread between your eyebrows, i.e. if you have a unibrow (see links below). And you can always try an eyebrow comb/brush if it’ll help.

Some fatwas on facial hair-plucking and some hadith relating to it.

And I do realize that woman in the picture is not having her eyebrows plucked 😀

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