Ramadan is Coming!

desertNightI don’t know where the time goes. Just yesterday I was pregnant with Ibraheem. Man, Ramadan is so close. It’s already the end of Rajab. Next thing you know we’re in Sha’baan, when we’re freaking out that we’re not prepared for Ramadan, then wham! It’s Ramadan. And then we scramble to finish all of the things we wanted to finish in Ramadan – like reading the entire Qur’aan and praying more Sunnah prayers. And just when we feel like we almost have the hang of it…. It’s gone.

Which is why we (and by “we”, I mean “I”) should prepare. I should prepare from now. What with the visitor throwing off Qur’aan readings, the kids causing acute exhaustion, and trying to make something nice every day for iftaar, ibaadat are often left on hold.

This Sha’baan, I want to try hard to get a few simple things into my schedule before Ramadan starts. Allah subhaana wa ta’aala loves the consistent deeds, even if they are small.

They are really small things, but if I can keep up with it – Alhamdulillah! I’m sure that I’m not the only mother overwhelmed with all that goes on in Ramadan. I need to write it out some where so there’s one less thing in my too-crammed head 🙂 What I usually do is print out all of my goals on a table, put them up some where that I  know I’ll see them often and then I check them off throughout the day. May Allah make us all prepared for Ramadan this year so that it may be the most fruitful Ramadan yet!

Oh – I just realized I cannot list all of the Islamic months off the top of my head. How sad is that?

So I looked them up in case anyone else is as ignorant as I 😛 and here they are: Muharram, Safar, Rabi ul Awwal, Rabi al Thaani, Jummadi al Awwal, Jummadi al Thaani, Rajab, Sha’baan, Ramadaan, Dhul Qada, and Dhul Hijja.

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2 Responses to Ramadan is Coming!

  1. Ms AlleSanDr|a says:

    That’s why there are Sunnah things to do in Rajab and Sya’ban, such as fasting on certain days, and others. This is to prevent us from “shock” when we enter Ramadhan.

    I’m excited about the coming Eid Fitri =P

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