Fasting while Nursing

It’s funny, I started this blog so I could just put up transcriptions of lectures I listen to, and my Fasting while Pregnant post seems to be the most popular, by far 🙂

This Ramadan I am not pregnant, but I will be nursing a 9 month old inshaAllah. Khadeejah is different from her big brother. She does not put away milk like that little boy did 🙂 So I’m praying that inshaAllah it will be a little easier.

I included some fataawa in my old posts on fasting while pregnant which also mention fasting while nursing.

One thing is for sure : we definitely have to try. We can’t just throw our hands up and go, “Oh, I’m nursing/pregnant! I can just skip the fasts.” Give it a try ast least. If it works for you, alhamdulillah 🙂 And if it doesn’t work, make them up whenever you’re able to.

Some women are able to do it easily. A few friends of mine come to mind 🙂 MashaAllah that’s terrific for them! I was surprised when they told me they had no problem doing so (some complaints of a dry mouth though….) Others – such as myself -feel a major drop in their milk supply. Allah blesses whom He wills with milk 🙂 We’re all different. Listen to your body.

Some things to remember: drink tons of water. Tons. Also, keep up with your vitamins 😉 Apparently you’re supposed to continue prenatals while nursing…I didn’t know that. Oopsie 😀

Also, if your baby is on solids, that helps out a lot! Work with your body – if your milk supply drops a few hours before maghrib/iftaar time, then ease your baby into a solid meal time then.

May Allah make it easy on us this Ramadan!

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