Muslims at Midnight

What is it with Muslims always getting together really, really late at night? Why must our weddings end at 1 am – not a minute before? Why must we always do dinners that start at 8? Why are we so against the idea of lunches, BBQs and day time get togethers?

Of course, since I’m a mom, I’m kind of biased 😀 I like earlier get-togethers so my children aren’t cranky or half asleep while we’re out.

The Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam disliked talking after ‘isha, so what about getting together after isha and gossipping – or going out places to eat, etc after isha? [see Bukhari, 1/10/543]

It is actually makruh to talk after isha. We have become so accustomed to staying up after isha to watch TV, movies, or just idle talk, that we may find it strange that it is makruh to speak after isha. But what if we did go to bed right after isha? We’d be regular tahajjud praying, waking-up-for-fajr-without-an-alarm Muslims.

May Allah guide us to do what is better.

also, see this link on talking after isha

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