Let the hadith-telling begin…

Bismillah. Now that all of the introductions and the groundwork is laid out, we’ll begin narrating the 40 hadith of An-Nawawi inshaAllah 🙂

Here is what the author gives for each hadith and what I will or will not mention:

  1. Actual Arabic Text and translation – I won’t be able to put up the arabic, unfortunately. There are links on youtube which give the arabic. InshaAllah I’ll try to put those up, and of course the translation.
  2. Vocabulary – I wish I could, but I don’t know how to put Arabic text up 😦
  3. Takhreej, General comments, Circumstances of revelation and the narrator(s)
  4. Detailed discussions of the hadith which often include Arabic discourse, grammatical wows and other things 🙂

So inshaAllah we will begin….

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