Which Class?

Since my series on Precious Provisions has finished, I was trying to decide which AlMaghrib class’ notes I should start putting up next…I wanted to do Bayyinah’s Divine Speech class, but since I was handicapped in that (by two children)my notes would have to be heavily filled in with outside help. So…which class? Aqeedah? Fiqh of Love? The Evolution of Fiqh? Tafseer of Al Baqarah? Hmmm…

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2 Responses to Which Class?

  1. Muneera says:

    Asalaamou alaykoum,

    I’d like to read about the fiqh of love or tafseer of Baqarah….

  2. ummibraheem says:

    wa ‘alaykum as salaam wa rahmatullah Muneera – JazakAllah khayr for the feedback. I’ll definitely take it into consideration inshaAllah 🙂

    I’ve taken many more classes, trying to recover my notes for them. Can’t seem to remember which computer they’re on 😦

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