The Code Evolved


I had decided to start putting up notes to all of the AlMaghrib classes I took before marriage and kids. I finished with Precious Provisions (my first class after having kids!) and was trying to pick which one of the older ones to review next. I decided to do The Code Evolved: the Evolution of Fiqh which was taught by Shaykh Yaser Birjas.

I know people would probably rather hear about something like the Fiqh of Love 🙂 (lol I probably would too…) But I chose this class because I felt it was really important and something basic that all Muslims should know.

The class is basically about how Fiqh evolved. It was about how Laws in Islam were made, how the methods of deciding them changed and were formed over the years. It basically gives you an understanding of why we have madhabs, answering such questions as: Do we have to follow a particular madhab and stick to it? Particular fiqh questions were not addressed 🙂

Some things that we’ll discuss:

  • The lives of the four imams.
  • Different scholars from different eras in Islam.
  • The political and geographical affects of the fiqh during certain time periods.
  • And many more things inshaAllah!

The layout for the class (after a brief intro) was tackling the evolution of fiqh time period by time period – during the Prophet’s time (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), then during the Sahabahs’ time, etc etc.

Recommended reading for this topic: Abu Ameenah Bilal Philip’s book, the Evolution fo Fiqh – this book covered a good chunk of the class, actually 🙂

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