I’m a Girl

I can look.

or can I?

I recently did a little rant on men not lowering their gaze. So, to be fair, I thought I would give a friendly reminder to sisters as well 🙂 

Funnily enough, I think some women tend to be harsh on men about lowering the gaze, but find nothing wrong with themselves freely looking at men. Part of women’s hijab, also, is to lower their gaze.

Girls blatantly will tell their friends, “Oh my God, he’s so hot – look, that guy over there.” I don’t know how they justify to themselves that commenting on a man’s hotness is acceptable. As I mentioned earlier in my Precious Provisions notes (on the fiqh of food and clothing):

A man’s hijaab is to lower his gaze. For women, they must lower their gaze as well, but there is more for women, becuase we are oh so beautiful 😉

Just a friendly reminder to my sisters and myself – don’t point out hot guys to your friends (that is the opposite of helping them lower their gaze). And try not to notice them yourself 🙂 If you do happen to find someone attractive – seek refuge in Allah from the whisperings of shaytaan and look away. The first (accidental) gaze is forgiven…but the second isn’t.

The Messenger of Allaah (Peace & Blessings of Allaah be upon Him) said: “O Ali, do not follow a glance with another, for you will be forgiven for the first, but not for the second.” (Reported by al-Tirmidhi, 2701)

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