S’more stuff in the mix…

Bismillah. I realize I’ve been doing the same thing day after day….It was either that, or nothing. So I chose something over nothing 😀

InshaAllah I’ll start two other series — one on the hereafter (the signs, death, heaven and hell) and also another series on the Lives of the Prophets. I don’t know how long each post will take to research, etc, but I’ll try to squeeze in the time inshaAllah.

This is what will be covered for the hereafter series inshaAllah:

  • Death
  • the signs of the day of judgment (major and minor)
  • the day of judgment
  • hell
  • heaven

And the Lives of the Prophets is pretty self explanatory 🙂 We will begin with Adam (may God be pleased with him) and then move forward from there inshaAllah.

(I realize that picture is totally random, but I love animals and that baby elephant was too cute) 🙂

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