Final Destination

Before the day of judgment comes, before we will all stand before our Creator to be judged, we must die.

It’s interesting how people hate to talk of death. Of course, no one wants to die, so why would anyone want to talk about death? Ignoring a problem will not make it go away, so we mention death to prepare for it! Alhamdulillah, as Muslims, Allah prepares us even for death. We should love to talk about death so that we can prepare for it. It is at the core of most of our talks, khutbahs (Friday sermons) and halaqas. Everything we do in this life is to prepare for the meeting with our Creator, for when we shall be judged. May Allah make us amongst those He is pleased with. Ameen.

‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar said, “Allah’s Apostle took hold of my shoulder and said, ‘Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveler.” (Bukhari, 8/76/425) This world is just a journey for us. Our destination comes after death.

I didn’t want to just discuss the physical sense of death – as in the angels appearing, the questions asked, etc, but I also wanted to mention the washing and shrouding of the body, the funeral prayer and procession and the inheritance and wills. so inshaAllah I’ll grab the hubby and make him discuss with me a class he recently took 🙂

Belief in the akhirah is a part of iman, as we discussed at length in the second of our hadith of An-Nawawi 🙂

‘Aa`isha (Aisha) radiyallahu ‘anha the mother of the believers, had said, “If the first thing revealed in Qur’aan was ‘do not drink’, the people would have said ‘we are never going to stop drinking!’ And if the first thing that was revealed in the Qur’aan was telling the people to not commit fornication and adultery, the people would have said ‘we are never going to stop commiting fornication and adultery!’

The first things that were revealed in the Qur’aan were the Surahs that talked about and mentioned hell fire and paradise until the hearts were attached to Allah subhaana wa ta’aala, THEN the orders for halaal and haraam came down.”

If we are attached to Allah, then we will automatically gladly leave that which He has forbidden for us.

If we look at the Qur’an that was revealed in Makkah – when Islam was just introduced – the majority of it is not laws. The Makkan surahs were revealed in Makkah, when Islam was just beginning. Before Allah sent down the laws – such as Salah – the hearts had to soften and become attached to Allah. And what would soften the hearts? Reminders of the hereafter and the unseen.

The sahabah weren’t always perfect. They changed when Islam came. Some of the greatest sahabah were amongst the ones who buried their daughters alive or who used to be known for drinking. We never think of the sahabah as having drunk alcohol! Do you know what happened when they were ordered to stop drinking it? People threw it out in the streets; some even spat what was in their mouth when they heard; some even induced vomitting! (see Muslim 23/4889) Imagine something like that being forbidden to society today. What was the difference? How come the immediate obedience? Their hearts were attached to Allah.

If you love someone enough, you will do anything to please them. What Allah asks of us is very little, all we have to do is keep reminding ourselves of the day we meet Him so that He will be pleased with us on that day.

That is our goal, inshaAllah, in discussing death and the hereafter; so that we may become attached to Allah and the Hereafter, so that we may strive to be amongst the successful ones.

inshaAllah we will begin discussing death next, if I can get the hubby to sit down with me and discuss washing and shrouding the body and funeral prayers.

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  1. xyz says:

    Assalamualaikum jazakallah for this information actually i was looking for this site regarding the days when Allah gv life n write future whether its 40+ days r 120 days? As per science heart beat we can hear after 40 days that means is this the time when Allah sent angels to write?

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