Cake Pops!

After my  love for Islam, baking is another thing I love to immerse myself in 🙂

I recently tried my hand at Cake Pops. What are cake pops? They’re itty bitty balls of cake on a stick, dipped in chocolate. They are just as yummy as they sound! And super easy to make. I found a really nice tutorial online for them, so no need for me to repost here 🙂

A few tips that helped: after inserting the candy sticks into the cake balls, freeze for about an hour. This helps keep the stick firmly in, keeps the ball from falling and helps the warm chocolate coat harden faster 🙂 Since you get about 40+ cake pops per cake box, I would take the pops out of the freezer in batches of 15 – 20 so that the cake balls don’t soften up.

I made these cake pops recently for a friend’s baby shower. I tried vanilla cake and cream cheese frosting and found them a little too sweet 😛

so this time I tried red velvet and cream cheese! These beautiful things tasted as great as they looked. The presentation was my attempt to make a bridal cake pop 🙂 I really wanted to try a tuxedo one (like tuxedo strawberries), but was too beat at midnight to even think about having to melt and prep dark chocolate.

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2 Responses to Cake Pops!

  1. umersultan says:

    ooo they sure sound and look tasty. Inshallah will try one day.

  2. areej says:

    Looks delicious, so neatly prepared, MA

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