More on Sheeth!

Bismillah. After so long, I am finally posting! And it’s quite a lazy post as well, forgive me.

I’ve been up to a lot with my kids. We have been doing seerah by listening to Abdul Nasir Jangda’s Seerah podcasts. They were transcribed with accompanying activities with children in mind đŸ™‚ inshaAllah I will be posting them up soon or maybe i’ll make another blog for the kiddie material.

Now that we’ve gotten on a ball with seerah, inshaAllah we’ll begin Stories of the Prophets (but I already have a few up, so inshaAllah the next post will be in a few weeks).

For now, here’s a video I found by Mufti Menk (love him!!) telling us more about the people of Sheet and Qaabil/Cain (did you ever wonder what happened to him after he committed murder??)

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One Response to More on Sheeth!

  1. tahfeedh says:

    Welcome back! Looking forward to it.

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