Ramadan Reading for the Kids

Bismillah and As salaamu ‘alaykum,

It feels like ages since I’ve posted. Alhamdulillah life with 4 is very busy. Ramadan is just around the corner…and I’m realizing just how behind we are in Islamic Studies. We had a consistent schedule while doing Seerah…and then we hit a very long dry spell. InshaAllah we will fix that this Ramadan.

I wanted my children to read at least one story from the life of a sahabi, scholar or Prophet over Ramadan. I got this idea from our daily reading warm-ups that we do for school. inshaAllah I will be posting up a story each day, accompanied with some comprehension questions. May Allah help me keep up with it!

Please make du’a for my family and the Ummah at large if you benefit at all. See you in Ramadan! 🙂

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