Ramadan Stories for Kids


Ramadan Kareem, everyone! Here is the first story, as promised. I apologize for any mistakes (I hate typos and all grammatical errors with a vengeance). A very nice friend volunteered to edit for me, but it was my fault that I didn’t send it to her in time.

inshaAllah this series will cover short stories from Islamic history that the children can benefit from. If you’ve ever been on my blog, you’ll know we’re a homeschooling family. We LOVE to read in this house.

Here is the cover for the series. You can paste it onto a folder or get a clear cover folder. My kids wanted me to keep it black and white so that they could color it themselves.


Click here for the Stories for Ramadan Girls Cover

Or here for the Stories for Ramadan Boys Cover

If your kids like to color, I created accompanying Super Hero themed cards for boys and girls. They read “I want to be like…” and have a superhero graphic. Also in black and white (though I originally made them in color) because my kids said it would be more fun that way.

And here is the first story, Please Watch My Mule. Read it with your kids and discuss the lessons you can learn from the story. I included some questions, but I find discussion with them is always more beneficial 🙂


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