The Last Three

As salaamu ‘alaykum,

If you have stuck with me till the end, then may Allah reward your patience 😀 I apologize for how sporadic my posting was. I had suspected it would be, which is why I hesitated to share at all. My husband told me to go ahead and do it anyway; it doesn’t make sense to not start something good because you’re afraid of failure!

Anyway. Here are the last three stories. I know I am stopping at #28, but I write them on a daily basis and know that I will not have time to look up more stories over the next two days.

#26 Ibrahim and Namrud

#27 “The Lord of Umar Sees Us”

#28 Legs Like Uhud

If anyone was wondering where I got the stories from, they were from multiple books, including: Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Gems and Jewels (published by Dar us Salam), a book full of Hadith Qudsi, A Treasury of Muslim Literature, and the stories of the women who took down Pharoah were actually from a talk I heard from Nouman Ali Khan. I am human and I’m sure I made mistakes (not just grammatical ones); if you happen to catch them, I appreciate you pointing them out 🙂

May Allah accept from all of us this Ramadan! Please try to carry on the good habits you may have started in Ramadan and pray for me that I may too!

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