History of the Khulafaa` / Caliphs


Alhamdulillah I got lots of downtime in quarantine and I was able to work on Islamic History for my kids. We have beaten seerah to death, so it was high time we moved on to the khulafaa`.

Our history is based on this book series:

Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq: His Life and Times: Ali M. Sallabi ...

The book is by Dr. Sallabi and is translated by multiple publishers. The page numbers I reference (in the PowerPoints and pdfs) are from the Dar us Salaam publisher, which I can’t seem to find anywhere online…

Here’s how I taught the kids:

I read the book first (multiple times) and made PowerPoints and then taught the kids halaqa/class style.

Please note that I use loads of memes in the PowerPoints; it keeps the kids’ attention and they find it hilarious. I use words like “moron” and “idiots”, but they are in reference to apostates, liars and enemies of Islam. You have been warned 😀 You can easily hit the delete button and edit out those words. The questionable language is only in the PowerPoints, not the notes.

Look at the “notes” at the bottom of each PowerPoint; I reference a lot of page numbers to help you find the stories in the book (if you’re lazy and don’t read the book cover to cover).

After I made the PowerPoints and started teaching the kids daily, I realized it would be good for the older ones to take notes as they follow along. So, for Ibraheem (who hates note taking) I made these pdfs. He has yet to show interest in doing them, but I hope some other child does 🙂

Notes Cover – Abu Bakr

1 Intro and Death of RasulAllah – “Notes” pdf

Intro and RasulAllah’s Death PPT – PowerPoint

Index of the rest here.

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