‘Umar ibn Al Khattaab


Continuing with the Khulafaa` series that I had started on. Now we have started ‘Umar’s time. This is the book I am following for ‘Umar:

Umar ibn al-Khattab: His Life and Times - Set of 2 books (Islamic ...

This one is a 2 volume series. The first 4 sections of Notes and PowerPoints I covered are from Volume 1. Go to the Kids tab —- then to History of the Khulafaa` for all the files.

‘Umar’s notes and PowerPoints have more citations (page numbers for references or links for hadith) because I actually knew I would be sharing them when I was making them 🙂 Check out the “notes” for the PPTS when teaching to know which pages the stories are from. Hopefully, easier to follow. Also, I included Answers files for the notes.

Everything is up for free, but I would appreciate a du’a for my family if you find any benefit ❤

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  1. mistercamo says:

    I made Dua for you ❤

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