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Who Ate the Third Loaf?

Bismillah. This is an awesome video. I’d never heard this story (I can’t believe it!) about ‘Eesa (Jesus).

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The Supplication of Ibraheem

Awesome lecture. Spare 17 minutes of your time to remember Allah 🙂

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Controlling Your Anger

Short, sweet talk by Nouman Ali Khan…good reminder for myself – I really need to work on this… jazakAllah khayr Areej!

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Divine Speech

…is coming to Austin!!! Alhamdulillah, we’ll be having the class, Divine Speech, here in Austin, TX this coming weekend – January 22nd – 24th. For any of my friends who are wondering, yes, I will be taking the class inshaAllah … Continue reading

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Mama, I’m waiting for you in Jannah

I was soooo happy to see that someone would be doing a lecture for sisters (and brothers) who have had to lose a child. I personally know a few sisters who have had to go through a miscarriage…inshaAllah this will … Continue reading

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The Healthy Marriage

I really really really miss going to halaqas 😦 So for a mom, lectures on youtube are a Godsend 🙂 This guy is an awesome speaker – Nouman Ali Khan – he founded the Bayyinah Institute. InshaAllah they’ll do another … Continue reading

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