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The Narrator: Abu Hurayrah

Bismillah. This is one of my favorite things to read/hear about. I love the Companions of the Prophet. And I know Jamal Az Zarabozo’s An-Nawawi series are about the explanation of the hadith, but I really wish he had more on … Continue reading

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Protecting Oneself From Fitna

Bismillah. After almost–what was it, four months?–I’m continuing the Akhirah series. Wow… I’m probably the worse blogger of all time. Well, that’s what happens when you’re a mother, I guess. We last discussed the minor sign of the day of … Continue reading

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Trials and Tribulations

Bismillah. This is a continuation of the minor signs of the day of judgement. I actually added two more signs to finish off the previous post. Those two minor signs were: 1) the fire in hijaaz which would light the necks of the camels in Busra, Syria; … Continue reading

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The Narrator: Tameem al-Daari

Bismillah. We are continuing our An-Nawawi series after a lot of hoj poj posting in the middle 🙂 Tameem al-Daari is the companion who narrated the hadith about Naseehah that we began discussing before. Tameem al-Daari is a well known … Continue reading

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‘Aisha: Revisted

Bismillah. When doing my An-Nawawi series, I had done a short post on ‘Aisha in the section about the narrators. I wasn’t satisfied with it then, and I’m still not.  A few months back, I attended a halaqah by a shaykh … Continue reading

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Trust in Allah

I really like this story. The video is really awesome too, mashaAllah, but the background music/noise is just too much. Worth your time to listen to, though 🙂

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al-Nu’maan ibn Basheer

Bismillah. This is about the narrator of hadith #6 of An-Nawawi’s hadith. I have never heard of this companion. I rifled through all of my Islamic books, trying to find something more on him, but I couldn’t 😦 So this … Continue reading

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