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Protecting Oneself From Fitna

Bismillah. After almost–what was it, four months?–I’m continuing the Akhirah series. Wow… I’m probably the worse blogger of all time. Well, that’s what happens when you’re a mother, I guess. We last discussed the minor sign of the day of … Continue reading

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Save our souls, O Allah, from the punishment of the grave. In our last post we talked about the grave, which included some of the very disturbing things that can happen to a person in the grave were they an … Continue reading

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The Supplication of Ibraheem

Awesome lecture. Spare 17 minutes of your time to remember Allah 🙂

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Qur’an Reflections: Coolness of the Eye

This one is bought to you by my hubby 🙂 We all know the very beautiful du’aa`: “Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the coolness of our eyes.” (25:74) Have you ever thought what ‘coolness … Continue reading

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Du’aa`: I acknowledge my sin, so forgive me

My husband was telling me about the halaqa the brothers did yesterday. I love halaqas where the attendees actually speak, because one thing leads to another – you discuss a lot of different topics without even planning to and everyone participates … Continue reading

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