Destination: Akhirah

Bismillah. This page will index all of the posts on the akhirah inshaAllah which will include: death, burial & the funeral prayer, the grave, the signs of the day of judgment, the day of judgment, hell and heaven. My main sources for this series is ‘Umar al ‘Ashqar’s Islamic Creed Series (The Minor Resurrecton and Paradise and Hell). Other sources include Islamic classes, lectures and halaqaat attended. I’ll cite everything I can inshaAllah.




Death….is Coming

Evil Endings

The Grave

SOS – What Saves from the Punishment of the Grave

Shrouding and Burial

The Signs of the Day of Judgment

Minor Signs

1. The Coming of RasulAllah (S)

2. The Death of RasulAllah (S)

3. The Opening of Jerusalem

4. Plague

5. Abundance of Wealth

6. The Fire in Hijaaz

7. War with the Turks

8. Trials and Tribulations

how to protect oneself from fitnah

9. The Appointment of unqualified people to positions of authority

10. The Corruption of the Muslims

11. The slave woman will give birth to her mistress…

12. The Nations will call one another to attack the Muslims

13. Landslides, stones from heaven

14. Abundance of wealth

15. Salaam only to those you know, widespread trade, severerce of family ties

16. The standard of measure is distorted

17. The police will whip the people

18. Emergence of dajjaals

19. The spread of peace

20. Loss of trust

21. Spread of Riba (interest)

22. Decoration of masaajid

23. Construction of Tall buildings

24. Bloodshed spreads

25. Shrinking of Time

26. Proximity of Markets

27. Appearance of Shirk

28. Women who are dressed but naked

29. Cars

30. True Dreams

31. Spead of the qalam (pen)

32. Fabrication in religion

33. False witnessing

34. The woman: man ratio will increase

35. Sudden death

36. Hostility

37. Rain, but nothing grows

38. People will want to die

And the following are signs which have not occurred:

39. The Arabian Peninsula will become green with gardens and rivers once more

40. The new moon will increase in size

41. Animals and inanimate objects will speak to men

42. The Euphrates river will uncover a mountain of gold

43. The Earth will bring forth its hidden treasure

44. The Muslims will be seiged in Madinah

45. al Jahjaah will seize power

46. The Tribulation of the saddle cloth and the little black tribulation

47. The Population of the Romans will Increase

48. Battle with the Romans

49. Opening of Constantinople

50. Reign of Qahtaan

51. Madinah expelling evil

52. A blessed wind

53. Destruction of al-Ka’bah

54. Mahdi (he occurs before a lot of these signs, but we’re mentioning him at the end because he ties in to a lot of the major signs)

Major Signs

This will include the eight major signs


The Descending of ‘Eesa (Jesus), peace be upon him

Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj (Gog and Magog)

The Sinking of the Earth

The Smoke

The Sun Rising from the West

The Beast

The Fire


a very detailed description, inshaAllah


a very detailed description, inshaAllah. And surprisingly much lengthier than the section on hell 🙂

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  1. yaqub says:

    Asalaamu alaikum sister do you have the description of the hellfire

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