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Divine Speech

…is coming to Austin!!! Alhamdulillah, we’ll be having the class, Divine Speech, here in Austin, TX this coming weekend – January 22nd – 24th. For any of my friends who are wondering, yes, I will be taking the class inshaAllah … Continue reading

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Qur’an Reflections: Sakinah

In Arabic, the word Sakinah means peace or tranquility. Allah uses this word in the Qur’aan in two ways. Allah says in Surah Al-Fath (48:4): هو الذي أنزل السكينة في قلوب المؤمنين ليزدادوا إيمانا مع إيمانه These ayahs were revealed … Continue reading

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Ghafoor Ar-Raheem

I mentioned before that I took a class with Bayyinah, and that my favorite parts of the class were when we talked about the eloquence of the Qur’aan, and the subtelties in Arabic that we do not notice as English … Continue reading

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