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The Prophets of Islam

Storytelling can be ‘Ibaadah (worship)! Bismillah. To our children, we should tell the stories of the sahabah and the Prophets before we tell fairy tales and nursery rhymes. I myself attempted to “wing it” and tell stories of Ibraheem ‘alayhis … Continue reading

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Creation in the Mother’s Womb: Conclusion

We pretty much finished discussing the fourth hadith of An-Nawawi which concerned creation in the mother’s womb. However, since this hadith discusses the breathing in of the soul, we’ll touch (slightly) on the fiqh aspect of the abortion issue before … Continue reading

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Section 4: ‘Awrah

Precious Provisions taught by Yasir Qadhi ‘Awrah What is ‘Awrah? Awrah comes from the Arabic word ‘aara, which means to criticize or find fault. Awrah is that which people would criticize if you were to expose. It is something which … Continue reading

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Who Are My Mahrams?

Because people have asked so many questions on here about who is your mahram and who is not, I have stopped approving specific questions/comments because this is not a fatwa blog, nor is it run by anyone knowledgable. If anyone … Continue reading

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Dancing within Women

Dancing is so common within women that some people might even find it ridiculous that I’m talking about this. I probably would’ve found it ridiculous a few years ago. I mean, sure, I always get uncomfortable when a woman belly … Continue reading

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The Qur’an: Revelation and Preservation

I started a small piece to do for a halaqa (which was unseccessful) – on the Compilation and Preservation of the Qur’aan. I’m using this book by Yasir Qadhi as my main source. Two of my very good friends actually did a … Continue reading

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Make-up & the Muslimah

I really wish khateebs would address the issues facing the community today. For example, hijaab. I don’t think women really understand what it is sometimes. Nothing irritates me more than seeing a woman pairing a scarf on her head with a shirt … Continue reading

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